Thursday, 21 June 2012

Anyone for afternoon tea?

So, I turned 23 on 15th June. My other half, Adam thought it would be lovely to treat me to afternoon tea at The London Carriage works in Liverpool, as I've been wanting to go there for years. To me, afternoon tea sounds heavenly as I love drinking tea and eating cake. (who doesn't?!)

We went for afternoon tea on a Sunday afternoon. The London Carriage works serves afternoon tea daily between 3pm-5pm. We were shown to some massive plush sofas and were offered tea or coffee.  I decided to break away from my usual English breakfast tea and opted for Early Grey. The Mr decided on Darjeeling. I'm so glad I chose Earl Grey as I love the zesty tastes and it's definitely a firm favourite of mine now! 

So, we ordered afternoon tea for two, we chose a selection because we like to try lots of different things, but you can opt for a particular sandwich if you prefer. I was amazed when this three tier cake stand arrived at our table! (sorry for the poor quality of the photo, my camera is rubbish, but you get the idea!)

The sandwiches were smoked salmon which pleased me greatly as smoked salmon is easily my favourite food! There was also cheese and coleslaw and egg and water cress. As you'd expect, the sandwiches were served with their crusts removed and cut into delightful finger sized sandwiches! Very elegant! I enjoyed all three of the sandwiches, the smoked salmon was my favourite though. Mr W enjoyed the cheese and coleslaw the best. You could definitely tell that the coleslaw was home made as it tasted really fresh! My only slight criticism with the sandwiches was that there was 9 sandwiches. As we'd ordered it for two people, I'd have liked it if we could have shared the sandwiches out equally.

Next up were the scones. These were absolutely gorgeous! I'm certain they were made with clotted cream as they were very rich. They were served with jam and butter (we thought it was clotted cream!) I could not fault these scones they were buttery and slightly crumbly as I think a good scone should be. If I was to be ULTRA picky, I'd say I'd have liked them to be served with clotted cream not butter, but that's just personal preference.

Finally it was onto the final plate, the adorable little selection of cakes! I thought these were too cute to eat but I still ate them! There were mini lemon tarts, fruit bread and chocolate brownie. There was two of each obviously. I thought it was particularly lovely that the lemon tarts were still warm from the oven! Honestly, the pastry was perfect. Slightly crispy yet rich. It was definitely my favourite of the trio, but then again, lemon desserts are always a winner with me! The fruit bread was probably the weakest of the three, there wasn't enough flavour for me. However, the chocolate brownie was probably one of the best I've eaten, it was really how a brownie should be. Chocolatey, gooey on the indside and crispy on the top. Fabulous. 

In sum, I really enjoyed my afternoon tea at the London Carriageworks, it was very relaxing and was lovely to do something different for a change. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves tea and cake, you won't be disappointed. In fact, I left there inspired, I'd love to have a go at creating my own little afternoon tea in my flat. So watch this space. 

Thanks to my lovely boyfriend for treating me to a wonderful afternoon. 


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  1. I absolutely love afternoon tea! Its so decadent.