Sunday, 21 October 2012

Book Wishlist

Reading is arguably one of my favourite things to do. For me, there is no greater pleasure than getting lost in a book. It's so relaxing, yet exciting all at the same time. My book wish list is growing at quite a pace. I'm pretty sure I have enough to carry me through until well into 2013.

Here are my most wanted books:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky. 

I saw this film in the cinema and thought it was amazing. Difficult subject, but it was uplifting and heart warming all the same. I find coming of age an interesting topic for novels because it's thought provoking and makes you think about your own experiences. 

We Need to Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver

I've heard many good things about the film, so as I usually find books better than the films, could be a promising read. I like the gritty and difficult topic of this book. It'll challenge you. 
Tipping The Velvet - Sarah Waters

A classic. I watched the drama version on the BBC a few years ago and fancy reading the book. 
Casual Vacancy - JK Rowling

 Just like everybody else my age JK Rowling was the mainstay of the literature I read as a child. Now as an adult, I'm keen to read some more of her work. Heard nothing but excellent reviews for this book. Can't wait! 

Divergent - Veronica Roth

I loved The Hunger Games Trilogy and this trilogy is similar in it's topic. 

The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry

I adore Stephen Fry. The man is a living legend and has an interesting life. Enough said. 

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - Ken Kesey

A book everybody should read in their lifetime. 

The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd

Lone Wolf - Jodi Picoult. 

I really like Jodi Picoult. Normally when I read I like it to be thought provoking and to leave a lasting impression on me long after I've finished reading them. Her books fulfil this criteria. This is her newest book. 

So, have you read any of these and loved or hated them? What's on your book wishlist? 

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  1. That's a very nice list. Maybe you can include it to your letter to "santa claus" ;)

    i've not read any of them but the new JK Rowling is definitely on my wish-list :)